10 Things to Know About…

10 Things to Know About

24 x 30′, HD

Science comes to life in a fun and entertaining way.  Our three hosts explore fascinating subjects including the reason behind fears and phobias, how advances in robotics are transforming lives, how our “gut” is our second brain, and new methods of dealing with pain.  Latest scientific discoveries are delved into along with interesting and weird science tidbits.  Distributed in cooperation with Network Ireland Television.

Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

71 x 30′, HD and 29 x 30′, HD

Relax and recharge while enjoying the beauty of some of nature’s most tranquil and scenic settings with certified yoga instructor Sarah Starr. In each episode, Sarah gently guides viewers through different yoga routines while encouraging them to honor and challenge their bodies. Available as Gentle/Seated Yoga (71 x 30′ HD) and Traditional/Flow Yoga (29 x 30′ HD).

MI Healthy Mind

10 Things to Know About

29 x 30′, HD

An award-winning talk show with a focus on mental and behavioral health and wellness. The series showcases real people, “the heroes” who have overcome and conquered obstacles and conditions such as mental illness, human trafficking, teen depression, suicide, addictions and domestic abuse.  In the wake of incredible loss, or adversity, these people found a way to turn personal tragedy into hope.

The Outsider’s Club

10 Things to Know About

43 x 30′, HD

The Outsiders Club is a trend-setting, fast-paced Emmy Award-winning series that will show kids the fun and excitement they’ll have living an active outdoor lifestyle. The Outsiders Club’s hosts and club members meet up with young experts who will guide them in activities that will get them moving and enjoying all that nature and being outside has to offer! Each episode will also showcase fascinating ‘Did you Know’ and ‘Nutritional Moments’ segments.