I Got Rhythm: The Science of Song

10 Things to Know About

1 x 60′, HD

Music is a part of almost everything in our lives from soothing babies, to singing in the shower, to romancing a mate, to celebrations and rituals. What triggers our response to music? This compelling documentary seeks to provide answers to why we sing and the powerful effect music has on our brains and bodies. Distributed in cooperation with Network Ireland Television.

An Ozark Mountain Symphony: A Musical Celebration

An Ozark Mountain Symphony

1 x 60′ HD
Available outside of the USA

This joyous and magical musical world premiere event brings together a myriad of award-winning talent from Broadway, Country, Rock, Gospel and more to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Iconic Mansion Theatre for the Performing Arts in Branson, Missouri. Featuring the Springfield Symphony Orchestra under the direction of acclaimed guest conductor and music director, Jerry Williams.

The Wayman Tisdale Story

Wayman Tisdale Story
1 x 66′, HD

The moving and inspirational award winning documentary celebrating the life and legacy of Wayman Tisdale, a three-time All-American, Gold Medal Olympian, former NBA star, and world renowned jazz musician.  Features interviews with Michael Jordan and other NBA players.

When the Bands Stopped Playing

When the Bands Stopped Playing

1 x 60′, HD

In early 2020 live music was booming and concerts were selling out. Then Covid-19 hit and it all abruptly came to a screeching halt.  This candid documentary features first-hand recollections and new outlooks on life from known musical artists of their experience living through a shutdown that affected the entire world.