Christmas at Maxwell’s

Christmas at Maxwell's

1 x 90′, HD

This Christmas will change the Austin family forever. With a successful career, two adoring children and having married his high school sweetheart – Andrew Austin had everything. But a cancer diagnosis and past secrets quickly turn their lives upside down. Life no longer has the order and gentleness it once held. A family’s struggle for peace brings hope at a most demanding moment. Available in English or Neutral Spanish. Also available with French subtitles.

Descubra Inglés

Descubra Ingles

26 x 3-5′, HD

Spanish-speaking youngsters will have fun learning English under the teaching of Maestro Javier and friends in this animated musical series.  The series includes short English lessons with practice time, on-screen visuals for vocabulary and words, colorful characters and catchy songs for each letter of the alphabet! An interactive and entertaining way to hear and learn English! Original music by Sesame Street composer Mark Radice.



26 x 12′, HD
Available in English and Spanish

A show about animals, presented by animals. Part live-action, part animation, Kinderzoo is designed to stimulate and educate 2-6 year-old pre-school children in a highly entertaining manner. Set in a fictitious ‘open’ wildlife reserve (the Kinderzoo), the theme of conservation through education is promoted by using wild animals as the key leads in each episode.

Living Treasures of the Yucatán

Living Treasures of the Yucatan

12 x 30′, HD

Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula has a rich history dating back to 1500 BC. Remnants of the Mayan civilization remain. But, the smaller, less visual treasures – the traditions practiced by the most important assets of this land – its people, have all but disappeared.  Living Treasures of the Yucatán tells the personal stories of men and women who work at jobs unchanged from years ago.  Jobs which, in some cases, will disappear when these last few practitioners are no longer with us. Available in English and Neutral Spanish.

The Outsider’s Club

The Outsider's Club

43 x 30′, HD

The Outsiders Club is a trend-setting, fast-paced Emmy Award-winning series that will show kids the fun and excitement they’ll have living an active outdoor lifestyle. The Outsiders Club’s hosts and club members meet up with young experts who will guide them in activities that will get them moving and enjoying all that nature and being outside has to offer! Each episode will also showcase fascinating ‘Did you Know’ and ‘Nutritional Moments’ segments. Available in English and Neutral Spanish.

Real Life 101

Real Life 101

100+ x 30′, HD

Have you ever wondered what you might want to do for the rest of your life? Well, Real Life 101, which is aimed at teens and young adults, introduces you to real people doing real jobs. From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to career counselors, drug counselors, and special effects directors, we cover them all. Join our energetic hosts for a weekly half-hour of fun and entertainment. Rated High for Educational Content by the Annenberg Policy Center. Check out our web site for help in pursuing the career of your choice. Available in English and Neutral Spanish.

Wild Travels

Wild Travels

18 x 30′, HD
Available in English and Spanish

We’ll take you off the beaten track to celebrate America’s unusual festivals, unique destinations, little-known museums and unconventional characters.  This Emmy® award-winning series is intelligent, funny, unexpected and a bit irreverent, spotlighting our country’s most colorful, offbeat and quirky people and places.