Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet
5 x 60′ or 10 x 30′, HD

A pair of well-known TV actors set off on a daring road trip around Ireland – with no cash. The penniless duo charm other celebrity guests into joining them in unique fundraising tactics to hopefully pay for food and lodging.  If they don’t raise enough money, they sleep in the jeep. Along the way, they experience the amazing Irish countryside and meet some memorable characters.

Beyond Your Backyard

10 Things to Know About

20 x 30′, HD

Your next vacation is waiting to be discovered and Erik the Travel Guy is ready to take you there.  Experience the history, culture, food and famous attractions as well as off-the-beaten-path haunts from California to the Bahamas. Erik’s unique and humorous style will inspire viewers to get out of the house and into their next travel adventure.

Car & Country

Car & Country
4 x 30′, HD

Explore the beautiful scenery of Great Britain with car and travel enthusiast Deepak as he and his lovely guide check out the performance of some of the world’s most exotic supercars. Along the way, they visit various landmarks and meet up with local characters and join in their colorful pursuits and customs.

Checking In With Chelsea

50 x 4-10 minutes, HD

Host Chelsea Lipford Wolf delivers on-trend project ideas for the home in her Telly award winning short-form series. Topics include repurposing items, simple repairs and upgrades, crafts and other innovative solutions. Each segment provides realistic ideas, easy to follow instructions and inspiration for DIY enthusiasts who want to make their homes the best they can be. 

Chef Roc

10 Things to Know About

85 x 30′, HD (60 x 55″ Kitchen Tips also available)

Known throughout the world as one of the hilariously entertaining chefs in The Clever Cleaver Brothers, celebrity Chef Roc’s energetic style and delectable recipes are sure to entice viewers everywhere! Featuring guest chefs and local entertainers, Chef Roc is shot in front of a live audience from the beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Collector’s Call

10 Things to Know About

13 x 30′, HD

Hosted by Lisa Whelchel (“Blair” on The Facts of Life), Collector’s Call introduces viewers to some of the world’s biggest collectors of pop culture memorabilia. After learning of their collection’s appraised value, the collectors must make the agonizing choice of whether they are willing to trade one of their beloved items for a coveted new addition to their collection.  Produced by Weigel broadcasting and premiering in the United States on MeTV. Available outside of the USA only.

The Florida Keys – Real, Blue and Chill

Florida Keys - Real, Blue and Chill

1 x 60′, HD

Experience the one of a kind adventure, quirkiness and beauty of the Florida Keys!  See how to fly over the water in a jet pack like James Bond, get up-close and personal with underwater denizens on a snorkeling trip, strap on a scuba tank and explore a shipwreck, discover exuberant arts and literary legends, reel in some fishy fare and dine on the catch and whip up genuine Key lime pie. Discover why continental America’s southernmost island chain has earned the designation “Close to Perfect… Far From Normal!”

The Florida Keys: Ultimate Family Vacation

The Florida Keys: Ultimate Family Vacation

1 x 60′, HD

Join us for the ultimate family vacation in the Florida Keys and see how you can experience all the Keys-style fun the island chain has to offer both in and out of the water! We’ll take you along the scenic 127-mile Overseas Highway through the Keys’ five main island groups: Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine & Lower Keys and the irrepressible Key West.

Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

71 x 30′, HD and 29 x 30′, HD

Relax and recharge while enjoying the beauty of some of nature’s most tranquil and scenic settings with certified yoga instructor Sarah Starr. In each episode, Sarah gently guides viewers through different yoga routines while encouraging them to honor and challenge their bodies. Available as Gentle/Seated Yoga (71 x 30′ HD) and Traditional/Flow Yoga (29 x 30′ HD).

how to Do florida

how to Do florida
50 x 30′, HD

Discover the “real” Florida… beyond the theme parks and attractions! Each entertaining episode of how to Do florida will feature multiple destinations in the Sunshine State, unique “how to” features and a “Florida Cooking” segment. See “how to” catch lobsters in the Keys, experience gators in the Everglades, and feel the thrill of extreme water sports. Two one-hour how to Do florida cooking specials also available.



16 x 60′, HD

Almost 55% of marriages are arranged. Take a unique look into the age-old tradition of spouses being chosen by parents and see how couples tie the knot in elaborate and extravagant marriage ceremonies and festivities. Set in New Zealand, a melting pot of immigrants and diverse cultures from around the world. Distributed in cooperation with Network Ireland Television.

MI Healthy Mind

10 Things to Know About

29 x 30′, HD

An award-winning talk show with a focus on mental and behavioral health and wellness. The series showcases real people, “the heroes” who have overcome and conquered obstacles and conditions such as mental illness, human trafficking, teen depression, suicide, addictions and domestic abuse.  In the wake of incredible loss, or adversity, these people found a way to turn personal tragedy into hope.

The Outsider’s Club

10 Things to Know About

43 x 30′, HD

The Outsiders Club is a trend-setting, fast-paced Emmy Award-winning series that will show kids the fun and excitement they’ll have living an active outdoor lifestyle. The Outsiders Club’s hosts and club members meet up with young experts who will guide them in activities that will get them moving and enjoying all that nature and being outside has to offer! Each episode will also showcase fascinating ‘Did you Know’ and ‘Nutritional Moments’ segments.

P. Allen Smith’s Garden Style

P. Allen Smith's Garden Style

100+ x 30′, HD

P. Allen Smith brings a new style to his long-running series, exploring the many ways you can Grow, Cook, and Design all areas of your life!  Discover ideas to spark your own creativity as the award-winning designer, gardening and lifestyle expert adds more gardening, recipes, and creative ways to beautify your home.

Photo Number 6

10 Things to Know About

10 x 60′, HD & 4K

This is travel with purpose: a reality series combining the adventure of travel with the joy of photography. Host Alan Fletcher explores the world looking for that elusive photographic image that totally encapsulates the emotion, geography and human connections he makes in each destination. Distributed in cooperation with Greenhills Media. Available in the US and Canada.

Positively Paula

Positively Paula
26 x 30′, HD

The Paula Deen you know and love is returning for a second season in Positively Paula. You’re invited into her home for a one-on-one experience while she cooks her favorite recipes, shares memories with family and friends, and her heart. After all, food is about tradition, good times and sharing. It’s what brings us all together.

Ron Hazelton’s Housecalls


100+ x 30′, HD

Host Ron Hazelton shows viewers how to tackle home projects by visiting two homes in each episode.  Whether he’s on the road, at the studio or in his workshop, Ron is on a mission: to provide people with the friendly advice and motivation they need to improve their homes and surroundings.

Small Town Big Deal

Small Town Big Deal

104 x 30′, HD

There’s never a dull moment as former Entertainment Tonight reporter and weekend anchor, Jann Carl and her energetic co-host/show creator, Rodney Miller travel the country to discover the personal stories of the amazing people, places and events that form the heart and soul of small town America!

Tastes Like Home

10 Things to Know About

24 x 30′, HD

Traveling abroad can be a great experience… seeing the sights of a new country… immersing in a new culture… enjoying the different cuisine.  But oftentimes, those who travel abroad miss their favorite home cooked meal. Join Irish TV chef Catherine Fulvio in this heart-filled food and travel series as she visits family members living abroad to recreate their favorite dish from home, tour the region and learn about the food unique to their new country. Distributed in cooperation with Network Ireland Television.

Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford

Danny Lipford

300+ x 30′, HD

Whether you are ready for a garage makeover, want to install some new kitchen cabinets, or just need to spruce up your garden, home improvement expert Danny Lipford is up for the job.  In an easy-to-understand style, Danny expertly covers start-to-finish remodeling projects, home tips, and trends.

The Toque 12

The Toque 12
48 x 30′, HD

Your luxury guide to the world’s most exotic and exclusive culinary venues. Season 1 seeks out Bali’s 12 most elite chefs creating their restaurants’ signature dishes. Season 2 showcases Singapore’s finest chefs and restaurants. The ultimate culinary experience, Season 3 features some of Malaysia’s best chefs, sommeliers and barmen.

The Toque 12 Master Chef Series

Toque 12 Master Chef Series
6 x 30′, HD

This new series brings together the best of the epicurean best in a unique market style environment. Chef Phillip Davenport introduces us to ten of the world’s top chefs who are all congregating in Singapore at the same time for a series of fun master classes where you are guaranteed to learn something new, useful and innovative.

TRIP Ecuador

10 Things to Know About

12 x 30′, HD & 4K

Experience the beauty of Ecuador and get to know its people, its roots and its customs.  Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of this biodiverse country while learning the principles of eco-tourism. Get to know the indigenous families and see how community tourism offers hope and opportunity as they share their lifestyle, knowledge and respect for nature with visitors.  Available in Neutral Spanish only.

Wyland’s Art Studio

Wyland's Art Studio
78 x 30′, HD

Combining his passion for environmental conservation and his award-winning painting skills, internationally renowned and award winning artist Wyland inspires and teaches audiences how to paint spectacular marine life, wild life and outdoor scenery. While demonstrating his various tips and techniques, he also offers valuable messages about conservation and his subjects.