Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet
5 x 60′ or 10 x 30′, HD

A pair of well-known TV actors set off on a daring road trip around Ireland – with no cash. The penniless duo charm other celebrity guests into joining them in unique fundraising tactics to hopefully pay for food and lodging.  If they don’t raise enough money, they sleep in the jeep. Along the way, they experience the amazing Irish countryside and meet some memorable characters.

Collector’s Call

10 Things to Know About

13 x 30′, HD

Hosted by Lisa Whelchel (“Blair” on The Facts of Life), Collector’s Call introduces viewers to some of the world’s biggest collectors of pop culture memorabilia. After learning of their collection’s appraised value, the collectors must make the agonizing choice of whether they are willing to trade one of their beloved items for a coveted new addition to their collection.  Produced by Weigel broadcasting and premiering in the United States on MeTV. Available outside of the USA only.

Hook Me Up!

Hook Me Up

20 x 60′, HD; Season 2 (10 x 60′ HD)

World-renowned extreme fisherman Matt Watson hooks up ten lucky Kiwis with the fishing trip of their dreams and puts them in situations they never thought they would experience. From battling big fish from the shore, to fishing in open waters and even under the ocean, right in front of some huge ocean predators. 

Photo Number 6

10 Things to Know About

10 x 60′, HD & 4K

This is travel with purpose: a reality series combining the adventure of travel with the joy of photography. Host Alan Fletcher explores the world looking for that elusive photographic image that totally encapsulates the emotion, geography and human connections he makes in each destination. Distributed in cooperation with Greenhills Media. Available in the US and Canada.