Chicago at the Crossroad

10 Things to Know About

1 x 54′ or 77′, HD

While gun violence was on the decline in most major US cities, why did it continue to increase in Chicago’s segregated communities?  What is known about the systems that created the problem, the laws that isolated it, and the policies that abandoned it? Using dramatic footage, including interviews with residents on the front lines over the last 15 years, this documentary opens a rare historical window into the systematic creation of poverty stricken communities plagued by gun violence.

Extraordinary Fascism: Voices from the War in Ukraine

Extraordinary Fascism: Voices from the War on Ukraine

3 x 60′, HD & 4K

In this moving and eye opening 3-part documentary, victims in Ukraine share their devastating stories of war and loss. Experts from around the world analyze and offer answers. The goal is to help the viewer think, analyze, and understand the causes of the military conflict in Ukraine, the origin of aggressive fascist systems and the implications for the future of our world. 

Lifeline: The Untold Story of Saving the Pulse Survivors


1 x 60′, HD

On June 12, 2016, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida was the site of one of the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the USA.  Lifeline will take you behind-the-scenes to see how the blood center and hospital raced against the clock to save the victims’ lives.  Hear the emotional stories from both the survivors and the blood donors themselves who unknowingly saved their lives

LINCOLN is Crying

Lincoln is Crying

1 x 56′ and 86′, HD

A funny, entertaining, and true look at the pervasive, deep-rooted culture of political corruption in Illinois, the most corrupt state in America. Narrated in first person by James Todd Lincoln, the fictional descendant of President Abraham Lincoln, James is certain “Great Granddad” would be very upset. Since the late 1970’s almost 2000 politicians have been charged with or convicted of corruption in the state, including 4 modern governors.