Serenity: Autumn’s Harvest

Autumn's Harvest
1 x 60′, HD

Autumn is a time of plenty. Take a moment to enjoy one of the most colorful times of the year and the bounty nature provides. See grapes heavy on the vine, leaves changing color, pumpkins in the field and much more of Autumn’s harvest.

Serenity: Maui Waters

Maui Waters

1 x 60′, HD

Take a journey to Maui. Relax on a secluded black sand beach as waves roll into the shore. Experience wonderful sights along the famed road to Hana. View the lush green coastline as it plunges into the Pacific. Take in a private moment at a tucked away waterfall.

Serenity: Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

1 x 60′, HD

Gaze out over fields of wild flowers. Walk through fruit orchards filled with blossoms. Take in the rich colors of nature’s bouquet. Springtime comes alive and all things are anew as Spring blossoms.

Serenity: Summer Lakes

Summer Lakes

1 x 60′, HD

Imagine looking out from the porch of a lakeshore cabin. In front of you is nothing but a serene lake and the wilderness that surrounds it. No one else is on the lake but you, so sit back in your hammock and enjoy the view as you listen to the relaxing sounds of nature and soothing music.

Serenity: Winter’s Solitude

Winter's Solitude

1 x 60′, HD

Winter is a magical time. See the landscape transformed as a blanket of snow spreads out before you. Trees heavy with white, mountains capped, a waterfall frozen in time, fill yourself with the calmness and beauty of Winter’s wonderland.